AMZER CRUSTA™ Rugged Tempered Glass Case for iPhone 12 – Black


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“World’s Finest Device Protection”

AMZER Crusta is a first of its kind multilayered smartphone case, consisting of multi-functional layers made of high quality material. Each layer has a unique protective function. Crusta’s 2-layer protection is a result of months of research & development with actual users. Crusta is not only great for protecting your iPhone 12, it is also great for adding the overtone of style and oomph to your smartphone. Crusta is your smartphones protective companion for daily rumble and tumble as well as for some off beat adventure. Crusta provides unmatched dual-functional protection without compromising on style or functionality unlike any other smartphone case in the market.


Layer 1: Embedded Tempered Glass Back Shell

AMZER Crusta™ is all about stylish protection, the back Shell Case offered with Crusta™ is the core protective layer with an integrated protective Tempered Glass Backing it is first of its kind and believe it or not is only 1.1 mm thick. The Shell Case is made of superior quality toughened TPE for tenacious protection. It also has Anti-Fingerprint (AF) Coating to keep it clean and shiny. With special ergonomic slots, opening the Hard Shell case is a breeze. This layer is made of a highly impact resistant materials with Nano Air Cushion Technology for superior drop protection. It provides a unique textured look and feel to the case with specially earmarked soft areas for the easy pressing of buttons.

Layer 2: Tempered Glass Hard Shell Screen Protection

Crusta™s engineered for superior Army Grade™ Protection, the functional dual-layer impact protection is achieved by an front hard shell snap embedded with High Definition screen protector. The purpose of this layer is not only providing screen protection but also support the impact resistant property of the case.

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Apple iPhone 12 5.4 Inch


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